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New Year, New Challenges: Get Ready (Education)

Over the past 18 months educational institutions across Europe have had to adapt to a new normal. Blended learning has been widely adopted and, after a period of getting used to, proven to be beneficial for both students and institutions. With the goal of helping students succeed, institutions have not only focused on improving blended learning. They have also faced communication and student engagement challenges head-on. What are the challenges for this year?

Informing Students

One of the building blocks for student success is the information your students need across the student lifecycle. Traditionally this information is spread out over a variety of systems and platforms, students have trouble finding. Across all Ready Education products, including the myday portal and the StuCommApp, we have seen a steep increase in usage. Students spend much more time on the main platform your institution provides. This creates a huge opportunity; by centralizing and integrating the main campus resources into a widely accepted platform your students can easily access.

Providing the Help Students Need

Throughout the student lifecycle, students need your help. One of the downsides of blended learning is the limited amount of contact and seemingly higher barriers for help and support. While mental health certainly did not take a turn for the better, students were struggling to find help. They did not know where to go, let alone how to get there. Students that are better supported and feel listened to are more likely to succeed. Make sure your students find the right help at the right time.

Optimising Communication

Traditionally students have relied upon email for the majority of their communication with students. While we have seen a shift in the preferred channel for students, institutions were staying behind. Communication via smartphones, ideally through a native smartphone app, is what students nowadays expect from their institution. Even though institutions have important messages to share, not all institutions adapt to the ever changing student needs. To ensure optimal communication with students, introducing a smartphone app is crucial.

Driving Student Engagement

Last but definitely not least, is driving student engagement. Student engagement is perhaps the most important contributor to student success. Engaged students drive your community. They attend events, interact with their peers, help their peers, and interact with the institution. They have a strong sense of belonging and carry that over to their fellow students. Having a strong community means students are never in it alone. They can turn to both the institution and their fellow students and are able to get the most out of their studies, which will eventually lead to increased student success.

At Ready Education, we have years of experience dealing with challenges together with educational institutions worldwide. We recognize the ever changing student needs, regional differences, and your unique approach as an institution. As announced earlier this year, Ready Education has joined forces with Collabco and StuComm. With our combined knowledge, experience, and resources, we will continue to help you face all challenges and drive student success.

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