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StuComm Onboarding App

With the StuComm Onboarding app you are able to inform and engage potential and upcoming students. Communicate directly with them via their smartphone, guide them through the registration process, share important updates and events, and engage them directly with your institution. Give your students the kickstart they deserve!

Important information

Provide upcoming students with access to important information and introduce them to their points of contact at the institution.

Communication & interaction

The Onboarding App provides you with the possibility to communicate with potential and upcoming students, directly via their smartphone. Share important information and create interaction through surveys.

Guide through registration

The Onboarding App provides upcoming students with insight in the registration process, their progress, outstanding tasks and deadlines, including alerts before the deadline expires.

Announcements, news & events

Share the latest news and show (online) events upcoming students can sign-up to, to make them feel welcome and engaged.

Find out what the Onboarding App could do for you!

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