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Contact strategy

At StuComm we are dedicated to improving the communication on campus between educational institutions and their students. We believe in helping universities connect with their student body because it helps each and every individual student succeed on campus. We want to engage, inform and inspire students, and our StuCommApp has been proven to improve student engagement, increase retention rates and holistic student success.

Before, engaging large student bodies in an individual manner seemed to be a daunting, if not impossible, task. With so much information across multiple formats on any given campus, educational institutions struggled to engage with their students in a personal and efficient way. Universities are aware that their students need support, but keeping their finger on the pulse of thousands of individuals was an analogue pipe dream. 

With the rise of digital technology, though, it is now easier than ever before to connect with individuals on a huge scale. The StuCommApp plays a key role in the contact strategies of our partners: We provide a communication tool that students find useful and enjoy using. Engaging the digital generation with a technology they want to introduce and depend on in their day-to-day enables their educational institution to contact them more efficiently and personally than ever before. 

In our experience, effective communication between universities and their student body really helps students succeed in their studies. This is why we are committed to helping universities deploy a contact strategy that enables access to all students – whether it’s those happily working away at their degrees or the not so happy. Our StuCommApp is a key part of a contact strategy that seamlessly accesses each and every student individually with personalised actions, key information and inspiring content. 

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