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Why you should hire a millennial

Millennials do not have a good reputation in the workplace. Not without reason. Gen Y workers are more demanding and need more guidance than previous generations. Their expectation management is not proportionate to their accomplishments. They expect to move into leadership positions more quickly than previous generations.

However, millennials do have many advantages. There are countless articles and quotes about Gen Y that highlight the downside of this widely discussed generation. Sure, Gen Y-ers do have some shortcomings, but don’t we all?… Everyone, or every generation, has some aspects that could result in issues or disagreements. Nobody’s perfect!

Let’s focus on the upside of millennials, and especially on Gen Y-workers. In general, millennials want to make the world a better place. In the job search process, they are searching for companies that also strive to improve the world. The ethical practices of the company should inspire them.

In order to achieve the best together with a millennial, companies should be engaged in helping their communities. Companies should also articulate their culture to attract millennials.

Valuable asset 

Generation Y really wants to make a contribution to the world, and therefore to their company. They want to match their efforts for the company to the total impact of the company. They are perfectionistic, they want to get it right. Therefore, they’re craving for feedback from their bosses. If provided, Gen Y-workers are extremely valuable to a company.

The number of millennials at the workplace is increasing every day. Adjustments in communication methods are needed, as well as the way companies are structured. Why not start right away?

Gen Y-workers possess skills all companies need today. They are experts in social media. They all have their social media license, since they spend several hours a day on various social media platforms. Generation Y is, without a doubt, a tech-savvy generation. This is a true asset for modern companies.

Millennials are the new standard 

It is clear, millennials are special. They are a treasure to every company, if the right atmosphere is present. They want to develop their skills within in the company. Next to that, a clear career path within the company is appreciated. Possible job promotions should be communicated to Gen Y.

Millennials are extremely loyal, if they feel comfortable and appreciated, with regular feedback and decent expectation management. The unhappy generation; the me, me, me generation; the lazy generation; the Peter Pan generation. All different titles for millennials. However, none of them describes the millennials as good as the title: the new generation.

They’re nothing like previous generations. They are the new standard. Generation Y is the largest living generation! You can no longer ignore them. They are the present and the future!

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