For higher educational institutions one of the most important aspects, if not the most important, is the satisfaction of their students. Happy students perform better and this results in better study results and less study delay. But it is not easy to make and keep your students happy, and bad communication is often the reason for this.

The StudentsApp of StuComm can help higher educational institutions with better communication with their students. And by communication we do not only mean the news updates that you post on the intranet or send via mail, but all communication that involves student related business (such as schedules and grades). In this article we will go deeper into how the StudentsApp can help universities (of applied sciences) improve their communication with students.

Different students require different features 

The StudentsApp has different features that are of great use for both the student and the educational institution. We have seen that students at universities have slightly different needs than students at universities of applied sciences. For students at universities seeing their study progress is very important, and this is the feature they use the most within the app. Students at universities of applied sciences however tend to check their schedule and grades more often. Therefore we offer different types of features in the app which can be turned on or off, according to your wishes. Let's take a look at some features that are important for students at universities (of applied sciences).

Inform students at all time on time 

With the StudentsApp you can send your students push notifications at all time. Whether it is about a lecturer's absence or that students should enroll for exams, they will be up to date within seconds. No more problems with students not checking their mail or the intranet or finding out about news too late.


Knowing your students' needs and wishes 

The StudentsApp gives higher educational institutions the opportunity to ask for feedback through the app. This can be for example feedback on courses, lecturers, or exams, but also answering yes/no statements about the facilities in your buildings. This feedback gives valuable information about how students feel about your programme and what should be improved and help you better understand your students' needs and wishes.


Avoid study delay 

Students can check their study progress very easily in the app. By having their progress just a push of a button away, they can stay up to date at all time about whether they are on track of graduating on time or not. As a higher educational institution you don't want your students to have study delay. Thus, keeping them informed is beneficial for both the institution as the students.


Challenge your students 

Students should be challenged, and one way to do this is by using gamification. The StudentsApp gives educational institutions different gamification methods to challenge and inspire their students to do better. Goals and achievements can be set in the app and when a student completes or reaches one of these he or she will be rewarded with a badge. All badges can be shared through social media, which allows students to share their accomplishments with family, friends etc. This can also be the start for some healthy competition between students.


Want to know more about the StudentsApp? 

The StudentsApp has (of course) many more important features, such as schedule, grades, and lecturer absence. If you want to know more about what options the app has and how it could be helpful within your organisation, feel free to contact us!