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Overview, insights and actions

Many educational institutions struggle to communicate effectively with their students. Understandably so, educational institutions are focussed on education. Communication is important for students, which causes frustrations as a result of ineffective communication and the effort it takes for students to retrieve the information they need. With the StuCommApp educational institutions can fulfill this need.

Overview & insights

It all starts with a clear overview. Simply being up to date and being able to easily retrieve information, helps students be successful. Especially study results are important for students. What are my results? How did I get this is result? What is the impact on my progress? And what can I do graduate?

The StuCommApp answers these questions. Every student has access to an overview of all his or her courses, including the results. Per course, students have the ability to get more insights. This way, students can see their result and how they came to this result, for example as an average of a written and an oral exam. Apart from results, students are also able to see course materials, including videos they can use while studying.


For students it is important to see personalized actions whenever their study results ask for this. The StuCommApp shows the lecturer for each course, including contact details. When a student fails an exam, personalized are shows, such as registering for the re-exam or contacting the lecturer for some extra help.

The combination of overview, insights, and personalized actions, gives students the support they need during their education. Do you want to offer your students the same support? Contact us and experience how the StuCommApp can make the life of your students easier.

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