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StuComm launches new Onboarding App

The time of applying for a study is exciting for every student. After they have received their offers, they need to make the right choice and be well informed once they have made their choice. Only then are they able to kick start their careers as a student. There is a huge role for educational institutions to help upcoming students make the right choice and be well prepared. However, as long as they are not actually studying, it is hard for educational institutions to get in touch. To solve that problem, StuComm has developed a brand new Onboarding App!

The Onboarding App was developed based on the challenges of upcoming students. They face two main challenges. First of all, when they have received multiple offers, they struggle to make the right choice. It is hard for them to make a choice they feel comfortable with, with the limited information they have. Secondly, when they have made their choice, students feel the need to be informed, engaged and supported throughout their preparations before the official start of the year.

Making the right choice

In order to make the right choice, upcoming students need a lot of information and, more importantly, they have to experience what the institution is like. That is something educational institutions struggle with as well. All institutions are trying to convert as many offers into actual students studying at their institution, but often lack the right tools to do so. The Onboarding App helps both the upcoming students and the educational institution.

Right after students have applied and received their offers, they can receive login details from the prospective institution to log onto the Onboarding App. In this app, they find information about the institution, can see (online) events they could attend and read news and updates about the institution. At the same time, the institution is able to communicate with these upcoming students through push notifications, in app notifications, articles and surveys. These communication possibilities can help the institution to really show what their institution is about and help convert as many offers into actual students.

Being well prepared

Up until the first day, students have to prepare a lot. They need to pay tuition, often arrange housing, buy the needed books and other materials, figure out what their year is going to look like and everything else they have no experience with. However, the institution knows exactly what their upcoming students need to arrange before the start of the year. The Onboarding App allows institutions to provide their upcoming students with a checklist of everything they need to arrange, including deadlines and alerts to keep them on track.

The ultimate support is provided through the additional information that students will be able to find in the Onboarding App. They can get access to the institutions’ F.A.Q., get more information about which individuals or departments are able to support them in different situations, and even find contact details to reach out. With all the information and communication possibilities the Onboarding App has to offer, any institution will be able to engage with potential students and help upcoming students to best prepare for the start of the year.

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