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How StuComm personalises the student experience

The StudentsApp is specially designed for students. It is important for us to make the usage of the StudentsApp as easy as possible for students. We want to fulfill their needs and give them mobile access to information that is relevant to them. Here is more about how we personalise the student experience.

Personalised student experience with the StudentsApp

With the StudentsApp, students can find all the information they need in the app. After they log in, which they have to do only once, students have immediately access to all the information that is adjusted to them. Students will see their results, timetable, study progress, news and notifications that are based on their study and class. By giving students this personalised experience, they will never receive a notification about something that is not relevant to them. For example, when a lecturer is absent, only students who are following classes given by this lecture will receive a notification.

Connecting systems

At StuComm, we connect with different source systems to provide a personalised student experience. Students don’t have to look for the right schedule or their results. We already automatically implemented this in the StudentsApp, they will only see the information they need.

With an extensive and satisfied customers base, we have rigorous experience in creating these links and know how to do so with swift expertise. We haven’t found a system that we cannot connect with.

When we connect with systems like Osiris, Xedule, Blackboard or Peoplesoft, we combine the data of the different systems with our own environment. This data is sent to our apps as a single data stream. As a result, students see all their personalised information in one place, making it easier for the education institution to inform and engage learners.

High usability among students

More than 500,000 students use our StudentsApp approximately 5 times a day. This is a statistic that can be compared to the usage of popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Students open their app a couple times a day to see if they already received their result, what classroom they need to go to etc. The high open rate makes the StudentsApp an invaluable and guaranteed tool for educational institutions to engage with their students.

Every time the students open the StudentsApp, the educational institution is given the opportunity to interact with these students. By actively informing them through the app, students stay engaged with their course and the activities of the institution, decreasing the likelihood of them dropping-out or falling behind.

More information?

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