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A primary frustration for students is the spreading of their and their institution’s information across multiple systems. And to make matters worse, they must log on to each individual system to access these different platforms. It’s no wonder, then, that education institutions struggle to effectively communicate and engage their student body. Thankfully, our StudentsApp solves these issues in a safe way.

Data Unlocking Experts

At StuComm, we connect with different source systems to provide personalised data in the StudentsApp. With an extensive and satisfied customer base, we have rigorous experience in creating these links and know how to do so with swift expertise. We have yet to encounter a system that we cannot connect with.

When we connect with systems like Osiris, Xedule, Blackboard or Peoplesoft, we combine the data of the different systems with our own environment. This data is sent to our apps as a single data stream. As a result, students see all their personalised information in one place, making it easier for the education institution to inform and engage learners.

No education institution and the use of the source systems are the same. That is why we work closely with the institution’s technical team to link up our environment with their systems. Regardless of APIs, databases, CSV files or web services, together, we make sure that the link is established.

A safe environment for data

When pairing with the source systems, we only have access to the information needed to make the app work well, and we can only view and use the data for which we have access. Our software is installed entirely on the institution’s servers which in no way affects the security of the student’s information. Calling the backend through the app is done via an encrypted connection. In addition, we can only see anonymous usage data.

Native app

Our StudentApp is a native app, which means we use the power of the device in combination with the OS. An additional advantage is that the app can also be used without internet connection. The cache of the app that is used to display data (when there is no internet connection) is encrypted on the device. This cache cannot be accessed by other apps.

Single login

Students login to StudentsApp with their standard login details of their educational institution. As a result, they do not have to remember additional login codes. Because all apps are branded, the login environment will be familiar to the student. The usernames and passwords are not saved in the app. Finally, because we work with the OAuth 2.0 protocol students only need to login once.

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