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5 ways in which the StudentsApp helps new students

As the new academic year is approaching quickly, thousands of recently graduated high schoolers are getting ready to officially become a student. After the introduction time, it will be time for them to actually start studying. With their new life as a student come many new impressions. All these impressions can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Our StudentsApp can help new students to adjust to their new lives. In this blog we give 5 ways in which the StudentsApp helps your first year students.

1. One clear overview of all information 

New students need to get used to the different systems and learn where they need to go to find specific pieces of information. This process can be confusing and stressful. Since we link with the different systems and show the information in our StudentsApp, the students have a clear overview of their relevant information. No more stress on their first day to find their schedule somewhere online, they can easily look it up in their app.

2. Updates anywhere at anytime 

New students are still used to their high school lives where teachers are a huge part of their information source. The teachers inform them about classes, grades, to do’s, schedule changes etc. Moreover, last minute changes are communicated via their mentor or the phone tree. Once a student, they will need to put more work themselves into retrieving information. By sending push notifications it is easy to notify students about various subjects, from new grades till schedule changes, at any place and any time.

3. Easily monitor opinions 

The transition from high school to university can be big for some students, at times even too big. This can make them feel lost and it can have a negative influence on their study results. With the feedback module of the StudentsApp, you can easily measure if students feel like they get enough support and if this support is easy to ask for. With the results immediately available for you, it is easy to respond to the needs and wishes of your first years.

4. The latest news 

With the news feature of the StudentsApp students can quickly check the latest news in their app. News about important dates or events such as when to enroll for new courses or exam periods, can easily be read. This makes it easier to keep students up-to-date and involved with their program, department or the entire university.

5. On track for the BSA 

All students need to get a certain amount of credits (varying from 39 to 45 points) in order to continue their studies after the first year. With the study progress feature in the StudentsApp, the first years can quickly check if they are on track to pass the binding study advice (BSA).

Help your students with the StudentsApp 

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