Basic features

All relevant information in one overview

The StudentsApp

The StudentsApp is an app for students, in which they can find the information that is most important to them. An app in which they only have to log in once. All important information directly delivered to them. 

The StudentsApp offers a number of features that are of an informative nature for students. Information such as time tables, study results and study progress can all be checked effortlessly in the app. Besides these standard features we also offer several added value features in the StudentsApp. 


The StudentsApp has several features, below are a few examples of these features. If you want to know more about all the features, please contact us

The dashboard

The most important information in one overview. From here the students discovers the rest of the StudentsApp



An easy overview of the upcoming timetable activities. The students always know when and where he/she has class.


Study results

Let students check their study results.


Exam registration

Students can (de)register for exams through the StudentsApp. They can also check for which exams they are already registered. 



Inform students anywhere and at any time via notifications. Automated or manually, it's all possible. 


Study progress

Students can easily check their study progress in the StudentsApp and therewith always know if they are on track.



Inform students about the latest news


Lecturer information

Give students information about when their lecturers are available and give them the possibility to contact them directly. Now they are always informed.