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Proven and reliable technology

Proven and reliable technology

Since three years our StudentsApp is successfully being used by several educational institutions. For both us and our customers, it is important that the apps are of high technological quality. 


We understand how important it is to handle data and user data safely. That's why our software is completely installed in the secure environment of the educational institution, keeping all data safe behind the firewall.
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Our team of specialists works hard to ensure the quality of our apps. Already 25 education institutions in the Netherlands have trusted our technology. An achievement we are very proud of.
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The customer and user are at centre stage. We have fully adapted our company and way of working to continuously deliver the best quality to our customers and users.
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Compatible with any system

Our apps are compatible with any system. We integrate with different source systems in order to be able to show the student personalised information. Below are some of the systems that we integrate with.