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Tailored to students' needs

Specially designed for students. It is not only our slogan, but also our way of working. The student is centre stage; with every decision we make, we have students in our mind. And our apps are the proof of this.

By being in close contact with students, we know exactly how our products can compliment students' expectations. We always involve the student in how our apps can be further developed and improved. As a result, we guarantee educational institutions a product with which they can communicate effectively with their students.

We understand that our apps should not only be effective, but also secure. Security is our top priority and we have designed our software in such a way that security is not compromised in any way. It is not without good reason that already 25 educational institutions in the Netherlands work with us.

Do not wait any longer with effectively informing, inspiring and engaging students. Choose modern communication. Choose StuComm.

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