About us

We believe in effective student communication

Who we are

We're StuComm and we're an energetic and dynamic company which strives to be the best day in, day out. The entire company is dedicated to deliver the best possible experience to the student. Our customers and users are our number one priority. And from our office in down-town Utrecht, we work hard to keep this promise.

Our combination of professionalism and flexibility allows for quick adaptions when problems arise, as well as for the creation of new features. We do this without compromising on maintenance and development of the app.

StuComm is people centered, it's all about people! Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of our team, we are able to make thousands of students smile every day.

StuComm. Specially designed for students.

The StuComm story

The StuComm story starts in 2014, when Ronald overheard students complaining about their university. He understood from their conversation that educational institutions were struggling to successfully reach the modern, 21st century student. Ronald had an idea how this could be improved and he took this idea to his childhood friend William. After some good beer and pizza sessions, StuComm and the StudentsApp were born.

We joined the Pressure Cooker programme of Utrecht-based incubator UtrechtInc in 2014, which helped to turn an idea into a business. Not long after joining the UtrechtInc community, we were also accepted into the Smart City & Living accelerator programme of Startupbootcamp.

Both these programmes were of great value to us and helped us to get to where we are now. The various mentors that we've met during this time, still help us out to this day. UtrechtInc was also the place where we held office until the summer of 2016, when it became time for a bigger office. After spending some time in Houten, you can now find us in down town Utrecht.

From 2014 til now StuComm has grown from an idea discussed by two guys to a company with a team of 20+ who are all passionate about making students happy. With 500,000 students using our app 5 times a day from 25 different educational institutions, we are very proud of our achievements so far. And we're not planning on stopping with growing any time soon!

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