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Emergency Communication

With the StuCommApp, we help you communicate with your students effectively, at all times! Stay in touch with your students via their preferred device: their smartphone. Send push notifications, important news and gather feedback on your (digital) facilities. Keep your students informed and engaged!

Over 50% of students do not open their school email

96% of students prefer communication via smartphone

Reach 9,000 students per minute with one notification

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Inform and engage your students

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Your students want to be informed and engaged; today! The StuCommApp allows you to stay in touch with your students at all times. Get in touch and we’ll discuss what the StuCommApp could do for you and your students!

Reach 9,000 students per minute with instant push notifications

Provide an overview of all notifications, so students can always check all information

Share important news and updates in a single overview

Stay in touch with students and get valuable feedback, to improve your (digital learning) facilities

Don’t lose time: get in touch!

Direct communication with your students is crucial. Get in touch and find out how we can help you inform and engage your students, at all times!