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Campus Sign-In

In light of the ongoing situation, educational institutions commencing teaching in September are rightly concerned about overcrowding on campus. At StuComm we have developed the Campus Sign-In feature, with which we help educational institutions alleviate concerns about overcrowding.

Have students & employees register attendance on campus anonymously

Monitor student & employee levels in real-time from the app portal dashboard

Manage student & employee numbers on campus and prevent overcrowding

Easy for students to use

Real-time insights

Prevent overcrowding on campus

Keep your students safe

Avoiding crowds and congestion is now more important than ever. This is going to be especially the case in public spaces such as university campuses. We have to take all possible measures to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. With the Campus Sign-In feature, you can keep a track of the number of students and employees present on the entire campus and at specific locations, from the library to the lecturer halls. You can then take actions accordingly, such as letting students and employees know an area is full.

Students & employees can use the StuCommApp to anonymously register their attendance by scanning a QR code

Create QR codes for your entire campus or for specific locations

Students & employees have an overview of all registrations on their phone, so they can demonstrate they have registered when asked

Prevent overcrowding on campus!

Get in touch and find out how we can help you prevent overcrowding and congestion on campus.