Why you should listen to your students


Satisfied and happy students lead to a higher NSE (Nationale Student Survey) score. But how do you make and keep your students satisfied? The answer is quite simple, by listening to them. Inholland showed that it works; their students thought that the information services could be improved. Inholland therefore introduced the MyInholland app and the NSE showed that students are now more satisfied about the information services. Let's see how our StudentsApp can help you improve your NSE scores.

Feedback is key 

Receiving feedback from your students is extremely important. Only in this way can you know what your students think is going well and what can be improved. You can tell from the NSE scores what your strong and weak points are, and improve your policies based on these scores. Even better, monitor your students' opinions throughout the year. This enables you to react quickly to these opinions. With the students' comments in mind you can work towards better education.

StuComm acknowledges the importance of feedback and has therefore developed two modules for the StudentsApp. These features gives you the chance to monitor your students' opinions at any time and place; no more need to hand out paper feedback forms after exams. They can now easily and quickly do it on their smartphone.

The feedback features in the StudentsApp 

The StudentsApp offers you two ways through which you can easily ask feedback from your students. The first way is by asking them yes/no statements about various subjects. These statements can vary from whether there are enough workplaces available to if the cafeteria is clean enough. You can now measure what is important for you to know.

The second way by which you can ask for feedback is by asking the students questions which they can rate with stars (1-5). Just receiving a low score doesn't help you to understand why students gave this rating; that's why a pop-up screen asking for feedback will appear when a student gives a low score. This written feedback will help you understand what exactly needs improvement and how you can make your students happier.


Let's make your students happy together 

The StudentsApp has one very clear advantage, it makes it much easier to inform your students. Alongside helping you to improve your information services, it can help you improve on many more aspects with its feedback modules. Get in contact with us today, and see how together we can make your students even happier and improve those NSE scores!