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Why students use the StudentsApp 25 times a week

StuComm enables educational institutions to improve their student communication. Our StudentsApp not only helps to inform students better about their studies, it is also a guaranteed tool for student engagement and to improve student satisfaction. Let’s discover how:

Reach students 25 times a week

Across our 25 institutions, and 500,000 users, students use the StudentsApp approximately 25 times a week, a statistic that can be compared to the usage of popular apps as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The high open rate makes the StudentsApp an invaluable and guaranteed tool for educational institutions to engage with their students.

Every time a student opens the StudentsApp, the educational institution is given the opportunity to interact with this student. By actively informing them through the app, students stay engaged with their course and the activities of the institution, decreasing the likelihood of them dropping-out or falling behind.

Improving student satisfaction

The StudentsApp helps to improve student satisfaction, by combining all relevant information in one clear overview. Students no longer have to look across different systems, and multiple log-ins, to find the information they need. This has directly improved the score for information services in the National Student Satisfaction Survey for institutions such as the University of Applied Sciences Inholland.

Not only does the StudentsApp streamline information, it also gives students the opportunity to give feedback about various topics. With our two feedback modules students can either score topics on a scale of 1 to 5 or answer yes/no questions in a similar format to tinder swiping left or right. By asking students’ opinions throughout the year, it is easier to monitor the level of satisfaction and take action when necessary. Surveys can be targeted at specific groups or across the entire institution.

Helping students to succeed

We help students to be successful and finish their studies with our StudentsApp. The current features already offer them the information to stay on top of their studies, but we want to go further. With our latest feature additions we want to make the StudentsApp more of a “community platform”. We are currently looking into new features such as internship information, module information and selection, study information, and a course indicator that shows students what happens if they fail classes.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the StudentsApp and the new features we are working on? Feel free to contact us for more information.

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