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Why StuComm?


With a multitude of apps on the market, and the option to build in-house solutions, why do our customers choose to work with us?

Our mission is to improve communication between institutions and their students, and we do so by providing a communication tool that fulfills students’ needs. We enable universities to deploy a modern communication strategy that helps students succeed at university, making everyone’s campus experience more enjoyable. 


To provide a service to students first we need to understand them. That’s why one of our core values is putting them at the heart of everything we do. Our customers trust us to understand their students’ needs better than anyone, and to provide a service that helps them succeed in their day-to-day life on campus. Our agility, flexibility and reactivity as a company makes us the ideal partner to keep up with the Instagram generation and provide a communication tool that not only reaches them but inspires them. 


We consistently develop new functionalities to offer our customers and their students an increasingly effective, engaging and modern solution on their campus. We understand that our customers’ needs evolve over time, and because our focus is on their student success we are always ready to respond with creative solutions.


Our aim is to help students succeed. That’s why we also help our customers understand their digital student body and improve their own systems of communication. We’re with our partners on every step of their journey towards happier, more successful students.


Over 600,000 students use our app five times a day. Using the StuCommApp on campus increases student engagement, student satisfaction and even improves retention rates. We’ve seen time and time again that improving communication helps everyone succeed. Those are the results we’re interested in. 

(The StuCommApp wasn’t built overnight – we’ve been learning, developing and improving for five years with a talented team. We make it our mission to understand the market and deliver – understanding the market means communicating with our customers to understand what information they need to provide, and communicating with students to find out how they want to be communicated with. They’re the social media generation – and that’s why we built them an app they use as often as social media apps.)


We help our partners improve their own systems, methods and understand the requirements of their digital student body. We have never failed to successfully connect our technology with an institution’s, and so we have never failed to connect an institution to its students. No matter what we need to code or learn or develop or build from scratch, if a customer needs our help we are here to provide.


Our StuCommApp is both the market leader in the Netherlands for improving student communication and one of the most cost-effective solutions for universities. We radically cut university spending on narrow-casting, paper trails and even plastic student cards, saving everyone money and headaches. We also invest in the best at StuComm – with the labour and talent of our team, the StuCommApp won “Dutch App of the Year 2019”. And it only drives us to do better than before. 

We offer support to our customers, regular updates, add-ons, packages, experience, market-knowledge and award-winning technology for a fraction of the price it would take to develop an app in-house.

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