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Why customers choose StuComm

At StuComm, the customer and student are at centre stage. Our entire team is focused on delivering the best quality to both our customers and users. Our company and way of working are designed to provide the best possible service. Here’s why customers choose StuComm:

Focus on the student

The StudentsApp has been created to help both educational institutions and students communicate in a more efficient way. Today, over 500.000 students use our app on average five times a day. With the StudentsApp as our core product, rather than a side product, we are unique in how we are dedicated to help universities inform, involve and inspire their students. As Marcel Nollen, Board of Directors University of Applied sciences Inholland, described it: ‘’StuComm understands, and speaks the language of the student”.

StuComm as a partner

At StuComm we want to create strong partnerships with our customers and focus on maintaining a good long-term relationships with our customers. We are constantly working together with our customers to ensure that they and their students get the most out of the StudentsApp. We share new and innovative ideas to cater to the latest needs and wishes.

‘StuComm is a enthusiastic partner that puts a lot of energy in the collaboration.’’ – Ludo Zwaan. Christelijke Hogeschool Ede

Integration specialist

Our apps are compatible with any system. We have a dedicated development team that is experienced in connecting to institutional systems (such as Blackboard, Office 365, narrowcasting systems, etc.), to display the personal information of the student in-app. There have been scenario’s where educational institutions used five separate timetable planning systems for less than 2.000 students. Nevertheless, our development team connected to all systems, enabling students to access their personalised timetable in-app.

When connecting the systems we only see and access the information that is needed for the app to function well and connect to the part of your database that we were giving access too. Therefore, the security of your student’s information is not compromised. Moreover, we do not save any data that does not need to be saved, keeping the laws and regulations regarding privacy in mind at all time.

“We chose StuComm because they know what students want, have a fast implementation process and proven impact of improving student satisfaction.’’ – Ed Lazet, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Do not wait any longer with effectively informing, inspiring and engaging students. Choose modern communication. Choose StuComm.

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