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We believe in communication and its power to breed connection. We know from experience that universities want to communicate with their students, and vice versa. We’ve seen the difference it makes on campus when those channels of communication open.

But why the struggle in the first place? Why is it everyone wants to connect, but can’t seem to do so? Why is it that students are often frustrated on campus, and universities don’t have the opportunity to communicate effectively?

If communication breeds connection the inverse is also true: Bad communication breeds a disconnect, what we’re calling a digital divide on campus. The problem is not a lack of communication, per se, but the modes being used to communicate. Students on campus today are born into a digital world and grow up swiping and tapping. They expect the same ease technology facilitates in their daily lives on campus. 

However, arriving at university the Instagram generation are confronted with a system that seems counter-intuitive to them. They have to login to multiple systems every day to get their key information for the week; notes taped to doors communicate a class cancellation; narrow-casting informs them of a new university policy; and details of timetable changes are sent out to a webmail that doesn’t have a mobile interface. 

This digital divide is nobody’s fault – we know from experience that both institutions and their students want to connect with one another in a modern and innovative way. Our mission at StuComm is therefore simple: Bridge the digital divide by enabling communication between an institution and its students. 

Our StuCommApp consolidates all of their key information from these multiple systems and puts it right in their pocket. With the StuCommApp students only have to login once find to their university life at their fingertips: Timetable, results, study progress, contacts, and more. We believe that communication is a two-way street, which is why we built features that allow students to engage with their university – they can give feedback, sign-up for events, courses and exams and even register their attendance within the StuCommApp.  

We know what students want, and we know what they need to succeed. We put them at the heart of everything we do to ensure we provide a service that dramatically improves their experience on campus. And we’re so happy to report that we do make a difference: Our customers report a marked increase in student engagement, student satisfaction and even holistic well-being. More students are staying the course, grades are going up and it’s because we built them an app that responds exactly to their needs as a digital generation. 

At StuComm we believe in constant innovation, development and learning: We’ve been doing this for five years and keeping up with the desires of students and our customers is what makes us an agile and competent partner. Our goal is to help, so we never stop seeking new ways to do so. That’s why our customers don’t see us simply as a “third party solution” – we are partners, entrusted with the role of providing the best possible service for their students. 

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