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What is the impact of technology on students (Generation Y)

A world of possibilities are available to Generation Y through the use of technology. The pace of change, and available opportunities seemingly increase daily. With few pieces of hardware is this change more apparent than the mobile phone. In just a decade mobiles have transformed every aspect of our lives, from our morning commute, to our purchasing habits, to our social interactions.

This change has happened in parallel to ownership levels reaching 90% for the first time across Northern Europe, with this figure topping 95% amongst 18-24 years olds (Statista, 2018). Within these handsets we can store our lifetime collection of music, speak to relatives via video who are on the other side of the world, as well as purchasing pretty much anything on the planet at the click of a button.

These devices have undoubtedly made our lives easier but have they made them better? Are mobile phones saving us time or creating an additional means with which to spend it?

For those of us above 25, we are at least able to harp back to what life was like before technology began to dominate our lives. The same cannot be said for Generation Y. Mobile phones have been ever present and have become an intrinsic part of their lives.

Via a short series we will explore the relationship students have with their mobile phones be it positive or negative, the impact mobile phones have on students lives, and finally how best to strike a balance.

To do so we’ll be combining interviews we’ve conducted with students as well analysing publicly available data.

As a technology company ourselves, StuComm has a responsibility to ensure we are playing our part in streamlining students use of technology and not providing another outlet for procrastination. We are conscious of the harmful effects of overuse of technology and the implications of over-reliance and over-usage.

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