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Using beacon technology for attendance registration

At StuComm we are always look for ways to make the StudentApp even more complete. One of the ways in which we do this, is by using beacon technology for attendance registration. With this feature, students can easily report themselves present and absent using the StudentsApp.

What are beacons?

A beacon is a small wireless device transmitting a continuous radio signal. The signal is detected by nearby smart devices via bluetooth. The beacon makes it possible to accurately determine where you are located regardless you are connected to the internet.

Attendance registration in the StudentsApp

When educational institutions place beacons in classrooms, their students can easily report themselves present and absent in the StudentsApp. With only one click, students can easily indicate that they are attending the lesson. However, they can only to this when they are in the right classroom and will receive a notification if they are not in the right room.

The beacons can check how long the students were present during a certain lesson and will send them a notification when they leave the classroom earlier than planned. In this way, students are able to withdraw their attendance for a certain lesson. In addition, attendance and absence are indicated in the StudentsApp with colour codes so students can clearly see during which classes they were present and absent.

Benefits for the educational institution

Attendance registration via the StudentenApp is not only easier for students, it also brings benefits for the lecturers and educational institutions. Because students can register themselves present digitally, lecturers no longer need to use paper attendance lists, which can be lost and are not sustainable. In addition, lecturers have more time for their lessons because they no longer have to start the lesson by checking which students are present or absent.

More information?

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