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Upgrade to the Digital Student Card for huge savings

Plastic Student Cards: Breakable, costly and easily lost. Not to mention a huge environmental concern, as highlighted in a recent blog post. Plastic is past it and digital is in. Welcome to “the technology of the future”: Welcome to the Digital Student Card.

The StudentsApp automatically update timetables, sends push notifications when a grade is received and maps out students’ paths across campus, and much more. But we are always looking to improve, to inspire and to transform our market niche and so we created the Digital Student Card – a feature that does everything its archaic, plastic brother can but without bleeding cash from a university and resources from the planet, and without being an administrative nightmare.

Digitising the student card is a simple, modern and sustainable solution for today’s world. The digital card can be found within the main menu of the StudentsApp and can be used to access buildings, take out library books and more. In short, it is a digital upgrade of the plastic version that drastically cuts university costs whilst helping them in their sustainable goals. 

Money is saved when universities no longer have to print, distribute and replace the expensive IDs. This also saves dramatically on administrative fees. We predict saving over 100k for universities by abolishing the plastic student card alone.

A common question we receive is if universities will have to replace their current scanners and the answer is no. Because our digital card functions in exactly the same way as the physical version by adding QR codes and barcodes most universities do not have to replace their scanners. With StuComm there are no hidden costs – our priority is transforming student communication and helping universities do so.

Benefits to Students

Having their student card on their phone is a wonderful bonus for university-goers. Students are no longer at risk to easily lose or misplace their student card, and are saved from last-minute stress when hunting for it by taking an item they always carry with them anyway – their phone. One less thing for the pocket, one less thing for the mind, creating all that extra space to focus on lectures.  

The University of Utrecht went plastic-free this academic year (2017/18): “We see this as the technology of the future, you can do more and more with your mobile phone. A student always has their phone on them and it’s extremely practical that you always have access to your student card.”

The University of Utrecht

One of the main reasons to transfer to a digital student card was for the university to achieve its sustainability goals: “To be CO2 neutral, you must also give a good example in the business processes. We wanted to say goodbye to the plasticised student card and now annually save on 30,000 cards.”

The transition for the students and the town has been simple: Students still receive their much-deserved discounts in shops all over the city by flashing the digital card in their phone. The bold University of Utrecht is now the first in the Netherlands to rely solely on a digital card thanks to StuComm’s innovation – a move that is paying off for both them and the environment. 

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