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Successful presentation of StuComm’s roadmap

On Thursday June 23, we exclusively presented our roadmap to some of our best mentors and advisors. Alongside our presentation, incubator UtrechtInc took the stage, and the day ended with drinks and plenty of time for networking.

StuComm’s roadmap 

Ronald started the afternoon with the presentation of StuComm’s roadmap; where do we come from and where are we going?

StuComm was founded almost two years ago, on July 1, 2014, and in those two years we experienced an enormous growth. Starting with just two men and a dream, we are now a company of 10 working hard every day to make this dream a reality.

In September 2014 we joined incubator UtrechtInc. With the help of UtrechtInc and its network we were able to make smart decisions about our company and product, which helped us grow. In the beginning of 2015 the StudentsApp was launched at one of our customers, something we are still very proud of.

Not long after joining Utrechtinc, we also joined the Smart City & Living program of accelerator Startupbootcamp. After successfully completing the program, the number of customers was already up to 6. Quite an achievement for a company that did not exist a year before, if we say so ourselves.

Since 2015 we have only been growing harder and faster, we currently have 10 paying customers and are very proud that every day the lives of approximately 125,000 students are made easier because of our StudentsApp. Alongside our wish to improve the communication between educational institutions and students in the Netherlands, we are currently taking our first serious steps in international expansion. Universities in the U.K. and Germany will soon be given the chance to better inform, involve, and inspire their students with our StudentsApp.


After the reveal of our roadmap, Jorg Kop ,director of UtrechtInc, took the stage. He revealed what the strength of UtrechtInc is and how they have helped to successfully launch many start-ups. It is for this reason that UtrechtInc belongs to the top business incubators in the world!

Already excited about the next edition 

The day ended with drinks and plenty of time for networking. And our guests sure did network, with business cards being exchanged like stocks on the stock market. Everyone left the event with a big smile on their face and with a bunch of new contacts. We are also very satisfied about the afternoon, and are already looking forward to the next edition!

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