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StuComm through the eyes of a student

Life as a student is busy enough as it is. Thus, the last thing that you want is to go through a ton of different websites and clicks before reaching the page that you are looking for. StuComm offers the perfect solution to this problem for every student with the StudentsApp. However, we at StuComm can be satisfied with our product, but it is more important that the students and higher educational institutions are satisfied. Because, in the end, we strive to make the lives of students more easy and the communication between educational institutions and students better. We interviewed Tora, a student of University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, how she feels about the current systems and if she thinks that the app has any added value.

A complete solution 

“As a student I can tell you that I had my fair share of irritations trying to find the right information on the right website. Each course has a different page. For your schedule you need to be on a different website, if you want to see your study progress or grades you, again, have to go to another page. Overall it is very confusing and time consuming.”

“My university did try to make things better by giving their intranet a make-over during summer, and it did make the website somewhat more organized, but it still doesn’t function optimally. There also used to be some unofficial schedule apps, which were already helpful, but both options aren’t nearly as complete or user friendly as the StudentsApp.”

Getting used to a new environment both offline and online 

Tora continues: “Especially in your first days as a student it is scary and overwhelming to figure out where you need to go for what information. You are used to your safe high school environment and didn’t have to deal with finding out about your grades or schedules online or making sure that you are enrolled for courses. I remember my first days as a student, not only feeling completely lost in a new building but also in a new online environment. I was endlessly clicking through the different websites of my university and figuring the systems out. The fact that also lecturers do not always know where to go for the right information, doesn’t help either. Now as a fourth year student I can easily navigate through the pages and know where to go, but it still costs too much time, in my opinion”.

How the app helps a student 

“The app helps to solve several problems. While trying to wake up you can quickly check if it is even necessary to get out of bed, or that you can sleep a little (or a lot, I mean I am a student) longer due to the absence of my lecturer. When you do need to go to university the app is perfect to quickly check in which classroom you need to be, so no more need for screenshots of your schedule on your phone, or anything like that. Your grades and study progress can also easily be found with just a push of a button. It is also easier to stay up to date with school news, since you don’t have to search through your mail or the intranet.”

“Overall, the app of StuComm makes the life of students easier, and who doesn’t like that?”

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