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StuComm: Stable and Customer-Conscious

At StuComm, the customer and student are completely central. Our entire team is focused on delivering the best quality to both our customers and users. Our company and our way of working is designed to provide the best possible service.

Agile Working

StuComm is an energetic company that strives every day to be the best. We have an agile way of working, allowing us to respond quickly to changes. The scrum methodology is applied by our development team which means that the project is divided into different sprints. In this way, continuous results are delivered and the customer does not have to wait to see results.

Service and Support

All our customers have access to our service desk. This portal makes it easy to create tickets for reporting questions and/or bugs. Through the service desk, the customer always has a fixed point of contact for their questions and problems, without being dependent on the project or account manager within StuComm.

The service desk also offers a comprehensive knowledgebase about the StudentsApp. Many questions about the use of the app can often already be answered using the knowledgebase.

In addition to the service desk, we also monitor the Play Store and App Store. We give an appropriate answer to every review that comes in. This way we can easily respond to students’ wishes, questions and problems.

Bug Fixes

When a report of a bug arrives via the service desk, Play Store, App Store or via another channel, it will be picked up as soon as possible. Depending on the priority of the bug and whether it is in the app or in the backend, we then determine whether it will be solved in the current sprint. 

Future Development

We put great importance on future developments of the StudentsApp. We always look critically at how our product can be improved and which new innovations we can apply. For example, we look at new technologies such as iBeacons and NFC and how we could best apply this in the app.

At all stages of the development we ask the student for feedback. For example, we have a group of independent students that we consult when a new functionality needs to be tested. With this feedback we ensure that the StudentsApp fits perfectly into the desires and lives of students everywhere.

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