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“StuComm is innovative and revolutionary” Zadkine

At the start of this year, the Zadkine app was successfully launched and received positively by Zadkine’s students. We spoke with Marcel van Oorschot, information manager, about the Zadkine app and working with StuComm.

A fresh start

Zadkine needed a new app, where it was important that the app could provide cross platform information and could be delivered in the corporate identity. As an information manager I found it important that students could also recognize Zadkine as an educational institution in the app. This coupled with an environment in which unique and relevant information is given to students. The StudentsApp from StuComm gave us these opportunities, where the features are tailored towards students.”

Focus on the student

The goal of Zadkine with the new app was to show students the information that was relevant and unique for them, in particular their personal progress. StuComm understands students and knows their needs, which is of great value when considering an app. For example, clearly presenting study results is extremely important, to give students insight in their progress.”

Beside the fact that students like the app, Marcel states that teachers would like an app as well. “Teachers would also like to have such an app in order for them to quickly identify where students are stuck and, for example, can adjust lessons accordingly. But StuComm should keep its focus on students, because this is, of course, where its strength lies.

Successful cooperation

After an elaborate selection process, it was clear to Zadkine that StuComm should be the partner for the development of their new app. The choice fell on StuComm because they had an innovative and revolutionary product and wanted to take risks in helping students.”

In order to create a working app for the student, close cooperation was important. During this process we learned a lot from each other and gave direction about the content of the Zadkine app. The team at StuComm thought proactively along with us at all times and looked for alternatives when needed.”

Zadkine’s students are very happy with the result. The students that colleagues and I spoke with were very positive. We are planning to conduct a survey to acquire the app experiences from the larger student population”. The app’s appeal is not only to be noticed by Zadkine’s students.  A colleague saw a post on LinkedIn about how a student from Albeda College liked the Zadkine app looks and features. That is great to hear and something to be proud of.”

The future of the Zadkine app

Zadkine is very satisfied with the Zadkine app, for example the parent login feature has reduced the administrative burden tremendously and they are looking how the app can be expanded. When it comes to further development of the app, Marcel would like to see a presence and absence feature. “What I would consider a nice feature is automatic absence and presence registration that works with information on the student’s app. Making it clear how the student is doing and how we can possibly help him or her.”

Finally, Marcel van Oorschot has the following advice for educational institutions if they are considering an app. If you have your systems in order, you are able to do beautiful things. The educational logistics are organized in such a way that it lends itself to new developments with blockchain. If you want an interesting app with features that are future proof, Zadkine recommends choosing StuComm’s StudentsApp.”