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StuComm helps universities achieve their smart sustainability goals

At StuComm, we put students at the heart of everything we do. By resolving archaic communication problems and ensuring a smoother, more accessible interface we enable their access to vital information. In our process of doing so, we also help students and universities tackle a growing concern on campus and throughout the world – sustainability.

Going Green is important to businesses, institutions and individuals around the world, and rightly so. Taking care of our planet and developing our world around the environmental information and warnings we have is a vital step in our evolution.

How can StuComm help?

We want to make institutions connected and sustainable: We can help reduce universities’ carbon footprints with two revolutionary technologies: Digital Student Card and iBeacons. Welcome to the age of “Smart Unis”.

Digital Student Card

Universities distribute thousands of plastic student cards every year and reproduce those lost, stolen or damaged. The cost is great for both the university and the environment. We offer a sustainable solution by digitising student cards. Students can access buildings or take out library books, doing everything else they could with a physical card using our digital solution. Utrecht University already decided to implement the digital student card, helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.


Rather than consuming and wasting thousands if not hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper through recording attendance, we offer universities the chance to scrap an ancient system with a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative. By introducing iBeacons to campus, students register their attendance to class with confirmation sent by a push notification. Universities can say goodbye to an environmentally disastrous recording system.


iBeacons have become the industry name for Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons – these tiny computers emit specific, individual Bluetooth signals that are received by smartphones. By creating regions this way using iBeacons that we put in every classroom and lecture hall at university, we accurately register the attendance of every single student attending their lecture. The StudentsApp can even recognise when a student is in the wrong place, and so will send a push notification informing lost students where to go.

An Ethical Company

StuComm is committed to improving the student experience and university communication – their goals are our own, and so building sustainable solutions is a no-brainer. StuComm is not a profit-obsessed company building itself on the shoulders of inexcusable practices: We aim to improve the our niche market and make the world a better place. That is an ethos that lives in the hearts of the StuComm team who are valued, encouraged and supported by the founders. “I put my employees first and, by doing so, they happily take care of our customers and their needs,” says Ronald, co-founder and CEO. By living this attitude StuComm is a tech company ready and willing to join the forces with its customers to battle every problem – from the small to the global.

Go green

Interested in how the StudentsApp can help your university to become more green? Contact us and we can tell you all about the app’s possibilities.

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