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Start saving resources with the digital student card

How to educate your Generation Y students

At StuComm it’s all about effective student communication. With our StudentsApp it isn’t only easier to inform students at all time, our feedback modules make it possible to involve your students, and with gamification elements we inspire students to achieve more. We’re always looking for ways to improve our app, ensuring it is of maximum use for both the educational institutions and students. In this blog, we would like to go deeper into one of our newest features; the digital student card.

Digitalization is the solution

Each year thousands of students receive their student card, a huge administrative process. The hassle doesn’t stop once the cards are distributed at the beginning of the academic year, throughout the year they still can cause for problems. We felt that the process around the student card could and should be made easier. That’s why we developed a digital version, which has benefits for both the educational institutions and the students.

Student card always at hand

Imagine having to make an exam in a few hours, you’re already a bit nervous and stressed about passing, but now you can’t find your student card anywhere. Or standing at the counter in the library and not being able to borrow the last copy of a book, because you find out your card isn’t in your wallet. Students experience these sorts of problems quite often with the tangible student card.

With the digital student card in the StudentsApp, these types of problems are solved. Students can quickly access their card on their smartphone, an item they always have on them. No more stress when the card can’t be found or having to pay for a new one when it’s really lost.

Save thousands of euros

The digital student card doesn’t only offer benefits for students, for universities there are also multiple benefits attached to going digital. Not having to print and distribute all the physical student cards each year, saves hours, if not days, and thousands of euros. These savings can be spent on other, more important, aspects of education. Moreover, throughout the year it also saves time and therewith money because there is no need to give out temporary or new student cards.

Our plans for the digital student card

We want to completely replace the student card with the digital version. The current card already shows all the information about a student’s enrollment, but we want the feature to do more. That’s why we are working hard on adding extra, more complex, aspects to this feature. We are working for example on making sure that students can pay with their digital student card at coffee machine or printer and adding a barcode or QR-code so it can be scanned at for example the library.

Want to know more?

Do you think it is also time for your institution to become more digital and leave the tangible student card behind? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you! Or do you want to know more about who is already working with us? Feel free to get in touch.

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