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Reading University puts students first with the StuCommApp

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of Reading 

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Reading has chosen us to be their digital partners as they dedicate themselves to improving the digital student experience. They knew they needed to adapt their communication to a digital generation if they wanted to improve student engagement and satisfaction. Digital Development Manager, Angela Davis, said: “We chose StuComm because they truly understand students’ digital needs and work tirelessly to provide them.” 

Contact Strategy 

We are committed to helping universities employ a contact strategy that enables access to all students – whether it’s those happily working away at their degrees or the not so happy. Our StuCommApp is a key part of a contact strategy that seamlessly accesses each and every student individually with personalised actions, key information and inspiring content. “The StuCommApp renders seemingly-impossible tasks easy, like engaging a vast student body individually,” said Angela. “We believe working with StuComm is going to steer our communication strategy in a modern direction that genuinely helps us connect with everyone on campus.”


Reading Univerisity was equally impressed with our dedication to research and development, a value which results in innovative features tailored to students’ needs. Our flexibility and reactivity as a company was an attractive quality to Reading, who are interested in building a real partnership with us rather than a simple supplier/customer relationship. They found evidence of our commitment to reacting to students’ needs in the provision of a digital student card, and the development of our mental health feature that enables students to more easily access the support services at their university. We are determined to provide a holistic digital support that encourages the success of our partners and their student bodies. 


Reading University trusts us to provide the best possible solution for their students that will increase engagement, improve retention rates and enable students’ success. We do this by putting students at the heart of everything we do. It is this core value that has led to the creation of an app that students love to use, and universities feel comfortable deploying.  

Our mission has been simple from the start: Help students succeed. We’re delighted Reading has trusted us to help their students have the best possible experience on campus.