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StuComm Personal Assistant

As an educational institution you are often challenged by the ever changing needs of students. Today’s students put ease above everything, is always on the move, and does everything through their smartphone. While students demand more ease, educational institutions face more challenges as a result. The StuCommApp closes the digital gap between educational institutions and their students, by acting as the student’s personal assistant.

All information centralized 

One of the major frustrations for students is the fact that it is too difficult to retrieve the information they need on a daily basis. On the one hand, students have to deal with various systems and platforms they need to log into, in order to get their information. On the other hand, those systems and platforms are often difficult to use on a smartphone, the preferred device of students.

The StuCommApp enables educational institutions to centralize all information from various systems and platforms. Timetables, study results, course materials, news, and more, all in one app. It gives students the ability to login once for all information. Everything they need is within reach, providing students with the information and time they need to fully focus on their education.

Activate students

Students value to be supported, when they need it most. With the StuCommApp we enable students to act on their needs. Whenever a student for example, fails an exam, he or she receives personalized actions. These vary from simply registering for the re-exam, to contacting the lecturer for support.

The StuCommApp also makes it possible to combine multiple systems to show all course information. Next to the timetable, it shows course materials, videos and contact information of the lecturer. This way students never miss any details.

Always up to date

Unpleasant surprises for students are history. With push notifications students can be made aware of changes in their timetable, new study results, news, and more. Educational institutions have the ability to choose which automatic push notifications are sent and are also able to send manual push notifications, for instance in case of emergency. This turns the StuCommApp into a powerful communications channel educational institutions can use the way they see fit.

Successfull students

With the StuCommApp life is made easier for students. All needed information is within reach, they are notified with any important updates, and are supported with personalized actions when needed. The StuCommApp closes the digital gap between educational institutions and their students. Do you want to make your students successful with their own personal assistant? Contact us!

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