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Offering the team some well-deserved relaxation

At StuComm it’s all about people, and we keep this in mind during all customer contact. However our customers are not the only people we keep in mind, since our team is just as important. To show our appreciation for the team and their work, a masseur was hired to come to the office.

Meet Gerrit 

Gerrit van Brenk has his own massage practice, and gives his massages from an holistic view. In his practice in Utrecht he gives all types of massages, from the “classic” massage to intuitive massages. Besides welcoming clients in his practice in Utrecht, he also does massages on location with the help of his massage chair. We’re happy that the StuComm office is now one of these locations!

15 minutes in heaven 

We want our team to be happy and healthy, and sitting behind your desk for 8 hours straight won’t make you either of those two. We felt that receiving a small massage during work time, would offer the perfect opportunity to relax. Each team member has time to take place in the chair and receive an arm, neck and shoulder massage for about 15 minutes.

A smile on each face 

Some of the StuComm team members thought that the massages were a joke, and were pleasantly surprised when they found out that it wasn’t. Others weren’t completely convinced about the massage or wanted to take time for it, but even these people came back with a big smile on their faces!

Overall the massages were a huge success and everyone is already excited for Gerrit’s next visit. And with an even more relaxed body and mind we can work hard to keep on informing, inspiring and involving students!