​MyStart App; helping students with a successful start

The MyStart app is an app for students, who just applied at an educational institution. The MyStart app helps students to prepare them optimally for a successful start of their new study. In the app they can easily track the status of their application, check the latest news and see important deadlines. The communication between the students and educational institution is also improved with the MyStart app. The student always has the most important information of their new study programme at hand.

Why choose for the MyStart app?

It is important to inform students, who just applied at educational institution, about which steps are already taken and which step they still need to be complete. All the information that students need can be found on the dashboard which shows a clear overview. In this way, students are always aware of important news.


Students will never miss important deadlines, they will always be present at important events or other important occasions due to notifications. They will also see a to do list and reminders with tasks they still need to complete.


By gaining direct insight into the registration process, students see what actions still have to be taken. This allows students to see at a glance that they, for example, have to upload their passport photo or that a number of personal details are missing.


On the FAQ page are the frequently asked questions with answers about tuition fees, courses, important dates etc. There is also a clear overview with useful links for students such as the alumni database. 


The MyStart app is a native app. This means that the app is specifically developed for the operating system on which it runs. A native app is a platform-dependent app for smartphones. This allows for the user interface and user interface to be tailored to the specific user. Furthermore, the app works without an internet connection, it is faster than web or hybrid apps and push notifications are available.

What are the benefits for the students?

Students are always up-to-date with the MyStart app that shows the newest information about the educational institution. Students have all the information they need at hand with one app. No more long letters, endless emails and multiple phone calls anymore. The MyStart app is also tailored to the personal information of the students so that each student can consult his / her personal information.

What are the benefits for the educational institutions?

By implementing the MyStart app, students are more satisfied  with the information provided by the educational institution. As a result, students will start well prepared and satisfied with their studies. Because MyStart app is delivered in the house style, it will become a part of the identity of the educational institution. In addition, the educational institution has a new measurable means of communication because the entire app is measurable.

If you want to know more about the MyStart app, do not hesitate to contact Brad Vanstone. He will tell you more about the possibilities!