MyChoice app - Making the right choice for your studies

To inform prospective students about open days and to help them with their study choice, the MyChoice app has been developed. The app ensures that this group gets the most out of the open days (and other activities). By offering the most important information in one place, prospective students can make the best possible choice of study.

Why the MyChoice app?

It is important to help prospective students make the right choice of study. The MyChoice app ensures that students are informed as well as possible. The information is collected from the educational institutions in one place for the student. This reduces the chance of a possible wrong choice of study.

The MyChoice app is a native app, which means that the app has been specifically developed for the operating system. This means the interface is optimally tailored for the user, the app works without an internet connection and therefore faster and push notifications can be sent.

Once the student has downloaded the app, the most important information can be seen at a glance on the dashboard.


Students can find the programs of the various information moments in the app. By liking activities they are added to their personal programme.


The student can look up and view the most important information per course in the course overview.


With the help of an interactive map of the campus, students can explore the campus and immediately see where the various facilities are located on campus.


Benefits for the student

The MyChoice app always displays the most up-to-date information about the open days, making students as well-informed as possible. Because of this they arrive on time for their open day, they see where they have to be and they know what is being presented.

All this information is communicated in the way that current and future students are used to; completely digital via the smartphone. This means that long letters, endless e-mails and frequent phone calls are a thing of the past.

Benefits for educational institutions

The MyChoice app also has many advantages for the educational institution. The app improves the provision of information which is appreciated by students and can result in a choice for the educational institution concerned.

The app is also delivered in the corporate identity of the educational institution and they are free to give their own name to the MyChoice app. This together ensures that the app fits the identity of the educational institution. Because the app is native, all communication is fully measurable. As a result, the educational institution has a new measurable means of communication.

Want to know more

If you want to know more about the MyChoice app, please contact Tim Butje (NL) or Brad Vanstone (UK).