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Mental Health

StuComm Mental Health

A worrying development is the rise of mental health problems amongst students. As an example, one in four students in the United Kingdom finds help because of mental health problems. Also, suicide numbers are higher than ever. It is a trend that is seen not only in the United Kingdom, but all over the world.

At StuComm, everything we do is centralized around students which is why we felt obligated to discuss mental health problems and we could possibly do. By talking to experts we have developed a feature that helps students find the help they need more easily.

Mental Health feature

While many educational institutions do offer mental health care, often students are not aware or they feel it is too difficult to get mental health care. With or Mental Health feature, we make the mental health care educational institutions offer more accessible. Instead of having to look for the information they need on the website, we display the way a student can receive mental health care in the app. 

Students have all contact information at hand and the process that the educational institutions has set. This way, students can easily reach out when they are experiencing mental health problems. 


This is the first step in the way the StuCommApp is able to support in the mental health care for students, but it does not end here. We are researching other possibilities to make mental health care more accessible for students. We are investigating whether we could offer a way for students to directly schedule an appointment to lower the barriers even more. 

We are also aiming to be able to act proactively. When a student shows a specific kind of behaviour, such as failing grades, high absence, and consistent odd-time-use of the app (in the middle of the night), students should receive push notifications encouraging them to find help. By being proactive, we will able to be preventive in the future. 

Do you want to make mental health care more accessible for your students and maybe even think along about how we could act together in the mental health crisis? Contact us! 

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