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Meet Marissa, Designer at StuComm!

We work every day for the best results and to make our apps look their best. That our apps look so nice we have thank our design team for! Today we would like to introduce you to one of our designers, Marissa!

Passion for design

Marissa’s interest in design founds its origin throughout her marketing and communication education at the ROC Mondrian. There she set up a student company for a ‘Young Business project’ with eight other students. Marissa was responsible for the marketing and communication of their company. She designed, among other things, the design of the website and the design of the logo and quickly noticed how cool she thought it was to use her creativity.

While it seemed logical to other fellow students to choose a commercial follow-up study, Marissa decided to follow her passion. She started her follow-up study Communication and Multimedia design at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. A good choice, soon turned out! She specialized in Interaction Design and worked with various target groups. It suited her well to work with young people of all ages and she became very enthusiastic about it. She then opted for a graduate internship in the educational sector where she worked with a target group that gave her a lot of energy; students!

Helping students to be more successful

After obtaining her degree, Marissa wanted to work with students again. In addition to her preference for the educational sector, she also wanted to work for a smaller company. It turned out to be a lot harder than she thought to find a perfectly fitting job. StuComm came up via via, which has the right target group and also makes interactive design. A perfect fit! After a job interview and a successfully made case, we could count Marissa as part of our team!

Thus, since December 2017, Marissa has been part of the StuComm Family. Together with colleague Jeroen they form the design team of StuComm. This team is responsible, among other things, for the new and impressive design of the StudentenApp 2.0.

As a designer, Marissa naturally gets her energy from designing the most beautiful designs. Yet it is her motivation to help students and offer added value.

“You help students to be more successful during their studies by helping them in their daily activities. The StudentenApp is really seen as added value and I like that. “


Stronger by working together

The design team is always busy designing the latest features, making cool presentations, videos, flyers and documents. For this they are not only in consultation with the front-end team but they also have a lot of contact with colleagues on the business side such as the marketeer and the sales manager. A team that stands in the middle of the organization!

Because Marissa and Jeroen are jointly responsible for the design, they also work together a lot. They help each other and look at each other’s work with a fresh perspective, when that’s necessary. Together they are stronger! And you can see that in the beautiful designs that they create.

“This works very efficiently. If, for example, Jeroen is busy with a task and I have a little more spare time, then I can take over his task and vice versa. “A strong piece of teamwork that we are very happy with!

The Student App in the future

StuComm talks already a lot with students and involves them in the development of the app. Marissa would like to work with them even more. Through an intensive collaboration she can learn how she can help students during their study period at best, and thereafter adapt her findings in her designs.

Because that is her goal; providing added value to students! By conducting a user research, the design team works on creating the best tool for students. Marissa and Jeroen therefore recently went to a three-day course on the use of UX Research and the development of design systems.

Do you, like Marissa, want to be part of the StuComm adventure? Have a look at our job openings!