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Meet Joris, StuComms projectmanager!

Meet Joris, StuComms project manager!

A good app is one thing. But the way your educational institution uses the app is just as important. That is where implementation comes in. Our project manager, Joris van der Aa, knows exactly how to steer such implementations in the right direction. He talks enthusiastically about project management at StuComm, his experiences at educational institutions and the way he is committed to the students.

Young talent

At the age of 18, Joris had founded a company that developed websites. His daily activities consisted of making CMS systems, back-end office systems, websites and web applications. Joris learns in practice: “The knowledge that I gained during my studies in International Marketing & Management was immediately applied within my company”. This is still his way of working. He says about this: “As a project manager you have never finished learning and you are always looking for ways to make it run even better”.


Joris has seen many different educational institutions. He says about this: “I really enjoy learning, but education did cause some organizational and communicative frustration for me. An advantage of this frustration is that I feel deeply connected with students who, like me, experience problems with educational systems.” At StuComm, Joris wants to make a difference and change communication problems between students and educational institutions. Joris: “I want to help students so they can flawlessly walk through their studies. I want to get rid of problems that I encountered as a student myself. “He adds,”If I succeed, I feel blessed.”

Project management at StuComm!

After 15 years as an independent entrepreneur Joris was looking for a new challenge in a team. “Working together towards the same goal, that gives me energy. By chance I got to know Ronald Kouvelt, CEO of StuComm. According to Joris: “The ambiance and culture fit seamlessly with my image of a good company. It clicked well between me and Ronald. I was able to get started right away”. As a project manager, Joris is closely involved in the implementation process and is responsible for communication and planning for projects at StuComm. For example, expanding the app with certain functionalities for an existing customer; but also, route guidance for new customers who want to use our apps. Joris ensures that our apps and features are deployed in the right way. He adds: “Only then can you make a real difference in the student’s life”.


Joris: “I really want to help StuComm to grow internationally. In order to be able to help even more students who encounter the same problems as I did during my study period”.