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Meet Cornelis, the COO of StuComm

Meet Cornelis, the COO of StuComm!

Every day we strive for the best results and we work hard to ensure that our services run smoothly. To achieve this, all processes must be properly set up, and that is why we would like to introduce you to Cornelis, our COO.

Passion for IT

Reliable and helpful, that is how Cornelis would describe himself. He developed an interest in IT during high school and this grew even more during his higher education in computer science and information science. After his education, Cornelis started working at a startup called Ephorus. A company that created a tool that teachers could use to check students’ work for plagiarism. Cornelis worked at Ephorus for ten years and was already working on a tool that guarantees the quality of education. Over the years, he has developed a clear affinity with education-related applications.

At Ephorus, Cornelis has focused a lot on the growth of the company. He made sure that new employees ended up in positions that did not yet exist, but at the same time would add value to the processes within the company. He also ensured internal processes were adjusted to this. In addition, due to his affinity with IT, he has always been involved in product development.

Cornelis & StuComm

Cornelis was introduced to StuComm by Product Owner Peter Taverne with whom he worked together at Ephorus. In more recent years, Cornelis has worked as a freelancer, but lacked the feeling of being part of a team. After working at StuComm for about four weeks, Cornelis feels like he has found his team. Because of the nice atmosphere, the amount energy, a dynamic team, the affinity with education and the product itself.

Tasks as COO

As a COO, Cornelis is responsible for the implementation and management of the backend systems that are used by the StuComm Apps. This also includes managing a very dynamic backend team, to be responsible for project management as well as customer service. Among other things, his team is responsible for the data links between the source systems of the educational establishment and StuComm. Project management ensures optimal communication during the phase in which an App (or an extension) is deployed. In other words: Cornelis and his team ensures the correct information is shown to the students in the StuComm Apps.

Cornelis also carries the responsibility of optimizing the internal processes at StuComm and ensuring that StuComm can continue its growth. All in order to offer the customers and users of the StuComm Apps the utmost quality.

Quality monitoring & targets

The common thread throughout his work day is consulting with the other members of the MT and team. Along with the other MT members, Cornelis tries to maintain a strategy and transmit it to the team. The personal goal Cornelis has set, is to grow at StuComm in his leadership qualities. The goal that Cornelis wants to achieve at StuComm is to prepare the company to be ready to grow further. This is why internal processes will be improved if necessary to create more stability of the services and improve its quality and to be able to connect new customers more quickly. Besides organisational terms. profit can be gained in product development. Solely when the internal processes are in order, Cornelis and the other members of the management team can define a path with possibilities for the next step of StuComm. This way StuComm can take the leap, for example to expand abroad or to add more features in the Apps.

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