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‘’In the future our school will act as a PA’’

Education is changing rapidly. Marcel Nollen, Executive Board member of the Inholland University of Applied Sciences, explains how Inholland helps her students with the effective exploitation of the potential of the changes, now and tomorrow: ‘’The greater influence of technology creates many opportunities’’.

A good marriage

Nollen begins his story by telling about the partnership between Inholland and StuComm. ”With StuComm we have a genuine partnership, based on profound trust. This is a different kind of relationship than we have with other companies. StuComm thinks along with us, in solutions. If needed, we allow them to test new app-features. This works out great; students are much happier with the information resource and communication since StuComm provided an app for us. Out of all sources, the app is the most effective channel to reach our students!’’

Better image of what students need to be successful

StuComm is located on the front row when it comes to knowledge of a students’ life. In combination with its up-to-date knowledge about technological possibilities and the possibility to grow as an educational institute, this image isextremely valuable for educational institutions. Nollen: ‘’We are able to communicate quite well through the use of our website. However, statistics show us that the number of students that visit our website drops quickly. StuComm helps us with getting to know the inside of a students’ life, both in terms of empathy and communication. Our vision of what a student needs, when and through which ways, is getting much clearer every day.

The University of Applied Science as personal assistant

The educational institution is clear in her ambition and wants to fully use the potential of the growing influence of technology to make her students more successful. Nollen mentions: ‘’We have the possibility to act as a personal assistant, based on an enormous quantity of data. For example, by using the StudentsApp, we are able to give personalized information and feedback to our students. This is consistent with our educational system, in which we try to act as a coach to our students. With personalized information, Nollen refers to the possibilities to deliver customized information. For example: example exams, lecture preparations and exam result analyses. And not only customized, but also through a channel and in a time which fits the life of an Inholland-student. Nollen adds: ‘’We continue to encourage physical meetings and collaborations. However, in the future, the online coach possibilities could be an important addition to our education.

Talent Feature: Searching for an internship much easier

The app of Inholland University of Applied Sciences is currently enriched with a new feature: The Talent Feature. Companies can now offer students an internship directly via the app. A quick match takes place. Nollen: “An internship is a context-rich learning environment with professional products in a professional setting.In this setting, students learn how such a company works and how they can develop themselves as a professional. They don’t learn that from the books. It is an important step towards their working life at the end of the study period.”

Nollen admits that it is difficult to find an internship in some sectors: “If you study healthcare, teaching or technology, you are lucky. However, when it comes to well-being or accountancy, you will experience more struggles, finding an internship. The second one, the economic sector, has a lot to do with automation processes. That makes internship places rare.”

Invest in the future work life of a student

InHolland helps her students with finding a good internship in different ways. Not only now, by adding the Talent Feature to the app: “It is, in principle, the students’ responsibility to find a suitable place. We support from the university. For example, by broadening a number of specific Bachelor’s programs, so that they are more future proof. At the moment, the labor market is also changing rapidly. Occupations of this time, may no longer exist in five years. Conversely, there is a large number of professions for which there is no education at all. We will continue to actively monitor and investigate these changes. And we clearly respond to it. Beside this, we also have three account managers at the university who are responsible for our network with companies. ”

Would like to know more?

Around the corner there are a number of wonderful developments for the StudentsApp and communication with students. StuComm and Inholland will make this possible together. Together they build on the future of education. And the future of a student.

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