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How the StudentsApp helps students with mental health issues

High grades, a student job, staying fit, loans; more and more students are struggling with mental pressure and psychological issues. Almost half of all students has or ever had mental health issues. 3 out of 4 students are emotionally exhausted. They feel tired by studying and indicate that they no longer have energy. How can we help these students and prevent them from developing serious mental health problems?

Mental health issues more discussable

Research from the Dutch national student union shows that one out of three students (34.6 percent) has an increased risk of a burnout. In comparison, for the working, healthy population, this percentage is 14.6% (LSVb, 2018).

While no attention was paid to this problem for a long time, the subject has become more and more debatable lately. On the 7th of April, NOS writes about a plan of action from universities with the support of various healthcare parties to improve the well-being of students. One of the main goals of the plan is that educational institutions should not only be focused on performance, but also on well-being. Therefore, better accessibility of student psychologists, resilience training, annual screening of students on mental health or coaching of teachers is crucial. Thanks to this plan, a network has been created of various parties that want to help students (NOS, 2018).

StuComm & Mental health issues

At StuComm, we have been working for months on a feature that gives preventive signals to students to raise the alarm if there are problems. In this feature we offer the possibility to create automatic pop-ups in response to a series of triggers, such as a low attendance rate, bad grades or the frequent use of the StudentsApp at night, where the student can be redirected to informative pages that could help them.

The various triggers can be designed in collaboration with educational institutions and experts in this area. By doing this based on of behavior/results and other information we hope to give students access to information that they can use before major problems develop.

Want to know more?

We attach great importance to students’ well-being and their satisfaction. Our mental health feature is one of the features that could help to improve this. Would you like to know more about how to help your students? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to tell you more!

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