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How StuComm improves every stage of the student life cycle

At StuComm, we focus on effective communication between educational institutions and students during the entire student life cycle. Therefore, we have developed three apps: MyChoice App, MyStart App and the StudentsApp. Here’s how these apps can improve communication with students in different stages of the student life cycle.

The exploratory stage with the MyChoice App

Prospective students visit events such as open days to find out what course suits them. During these events, students can consult the MyChoice App to find out what kind of activities take place that day and immediately compose their own program. They can also find an overview of all courses and information about these courses in the app. In addition, prospective students can easily find their way on campus using the interactive campus map.

Via push notifications the prospective students can be informed and involved during and after open days. For example, inform them during an open day about an orientation day that will take place soon.

The initial phase with the MyStart App

Once the student has chosen a course, the registration process starts. Between the moment of registration and the start of course, the educational institutions often lose a part of their potential students because the processes are not clear or take too long. The MyStart App helps educational institutions to keep the prospective student informed of the status of their application and what steps they still have to take to complete their application successfully. With the help of push notifications, students are reminded, for example, to hand in an important document. This considerably reduces the risk of dropouts.

In addition to the status of their application, students can read news of their future course in the app so they do not miss any important information. The MyStart app also offers the possibility to refer students to useful links, book list and class list. This way they can optimally prepare for their first day as a student.

The main phase with the StudentenApp

Educational institutions have to communicate effectively with their students for a couple of years. The StudentApp shows information from various information systems, whereby students can find all their study related information in one place, such as their personal schedule, grades and study progress.

But the StudentApp has more additional functions. It also offers a digital student cardinternshipmental healthattendance registration and much more.

More information?

Would you like to have more information about our apps? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to tell you more!

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