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enablers of student success

Enablers of student success

The goal of every educational institution is to make their students successful. Various variables come into play, both before students start their education and during their education, that influence student success. Research commissioned by the Dutch Minister of Education concludes there are various factors that play their part in student success. What factors come into play and how can you support your students as an educational institution?

The right choice

It all starts when students choose their education. There are a lot of students, especially in the Netherlands, that simply go study something because they are not sure what they want and they feel the obligation to start right after high school. Because this often causes students to make the wrong choice, dropouts are high. Students who take their time, either during high school or during a gap year after high school, more often than not make the right choice and go on to graduate.

Higher educational institutions can support students with their choice by organizing events, providing enough information, and showing how everything is organized at their educational institution. Having all information helps students make the right choice. Especially when this information is supported by experiences from events at your educational institution.

Apart from making sure students having all information necessary to make their choice, students often need council. Whether that comes from parents or the educational institution itself, having someone to consult helps. This is why educational institutions not only need to provide students with all information, but their parents as well. The supervision or support that parents can give, helps students make the right choice.

Doubts and expectations

Both before and during their education, students experience doubts. Did I choose the right education? Should I have gone with another educational institution? These doubts take away focus from studying and ultimately result in failing grades. In this situation, students need ensured that they made the right decision.

How does an educational institution can ensure their students they made the right decision? By making them feel engaged. Students want to be a part of their education, want to engage with their peers, and want to feel they belong at their chosen educational institution. Therefore, engaged students are more successful as they feel they are in the right place.

And lastly there are expectations, in many different ways. Students have varying expectations on how their education is going to be. The time they will have to spend, the degree to which it is going to be challenging, the way they will be treated, the level of individual work versus the level of working in groups. Managing these expectations are crucial to student success.

Students have to expect exactly the right things. There will always be something at least slightly different to what they expected, but when expectations are not being met, when they are completely different from reality, students will feel insecure about their choice and how they can succeed.

Though everything mentioned is in the mind of students, it is the information and experiences educational institutions offer, that make up those minds. Be aware of the way you influence students, both before and during their education, and help them be successful!

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