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Effective student communication with the StudentsApp

Satisfied and well-informed students are of great importance to higher educational institutions. They perform better, resulting in improved results and less study delay. Alongside, they are better spokespeople for your institution. Effective communication plays an important part in creating satisfied and well-informed students, but this can prove challenging for educational institutions.

Our StudentsApp enables higher educational institutions to communicate effectively with their students. When talking about communication, we are talking about it in its broadest sense; from time tables and grades, to student feedback, to digitalising the student card.

One app with all relevant information

The StudentsApp is a native, mobile application that gives students access to key information, 24/7, on-the-go, with just a single sign-on. We connect with multiple source systems, such as Blackboard and Canvas, and centralise the information from these systems in the StudentsApp.

The StudentsApp has three main purposes; to inform, involve and inspire students. All of the above have proven to save some of our customers upwards of £125,000 a year.


The StudentsApp informs students about key day-to-day information such as their timetable, study results, study progress, attendance, room availability, and lecturer absence. This is supported by push notifications which can be scheduled or sent immediately.


By regularly asking students for feedback, they feel great responsibility and affiliation to their institution. Several features in the StudentsApp enable feedback regarding all aspects of a students live from education, to availability of workplaces, to accommodation.


With the addition of gamification, and elements of competition, students are motivated to achieve their goals. This way, students can be inspired to work towards their degree and to continually engage with the app.

Using the latest technologies

We greatly value continuous development of the StudentsApp, always involving the student in this process. Some of our latest innovations involve a digital student card and implementing iBeacons.

The digital student card completely replaces the physical student card, allowing institutions to save tens of thousands of euros a year. With 35,000 students, the University of Utrecht was the first university in the Netherlands to fully switch to the digital student card. Amongst other benefits, this will enable them to achieve their goal of becoming C02 neutral by 2020. 

We have also begun using iBeacons to monitor attendance and in time will develop the technology to highlight room availability and as an indoor navigation tool.

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