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Do you know Generation Y?

Generation Y: the generation born between the 1980s and the mid 1990s, born between the arrival of the Walkman and the founding of Google. A generation which is highly critical and impatience. A generation which is very confident and ambitious. Generation Y has to be differently than generation X and Z. Why?…

There is a lot to say about Gen Y. Terms like lazy, impatient, high self-esteem, and the Peter Pan generation have crossed the conversations more than once. They were pampered by their Gen X parents and had a constant access to technology.

They have grown up surrounded by technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other cool gadgets have always been at their disposal. They’re constantly plugged into technology and it becomes essential to their lives. Sentences like; Let me take a selfie and I’ll WhatsApp you later are their catchphrases.


An altered way of communication is required for the Millennials. Communication has to be perfect, as they have mastered the art of effective information filtering. Gen Y – also known as the Echo Boomers and the Net Generation – is one of a kind. They are communicators in the latest form possible. Therefore, they are very selective about the information they will absorb.

Communication is preferred via smartphones and social media; a phone call almost becomes obsolete. On the other hand, when any type communication has reached a Gen Y’er, an instant reply will be received.

This shift in the way of communicating results into a clear communication strategy. The Gen Y’ers will select which of the communication attempts they will read and answer. Therefore, serving their needs is essential for communication these days.

Listen to Generation Y 

Only some forms of communication will reach a Gen Y’er. Therefore, communication has to be optimized for this generation. Communication which is quick and effective will be conducted in a heartbeat. Smartphones are the ultimate tool for reaching them. Apps like WhatsApp and Tinder are very popular for a reason: they serve the needs of their target audience and respond to the needs of the user.

StuComm experiences the complex needs and wishes. The StudentsApp of StuComm focuses on Gen Y and knows how to reach them. User-friendliness is of vital importance for the StudentsApp, and therefore for StuComm. The needs of the user must be fulfilled. Gen Y values customization. Gen Y expects exceptional service. StuComm strives to serve their needs.

Students, which are part of Gen Y, are the motivation for the development process of StuComm’s StudentsApp. Therefore, StuComm is constantly in contact with students, to explore their needs and wishes. How can we improve the StudentsApp to improve communication between educational institutions and their students?

Effective communication 

The StudentsApp provides us with valuable insights. Thousands of students use the StudentsApp multiple times a day. Because of this, we know that students study the communication send and displayed by the StudentsApp. Students prefer personalized communication; they prefer communication which is specially designed for them.

We’ve experienced that communicating to students while they’re travelling is very effective. However, communication about grades and timetable changes can be communicated at various moments. Whereas communication about class and exam evaluations should be send right after moment of reference. Over 90% of the first communication attempt will be read by our users. Communication items shouldn’t be send during a random time; Gen Y is extremely self-willed. Items should be communicated during time periods they prefer. That’s why StuComm effectively communicates with students.

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