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Community Building with the StudentsApp

There is a paradox in our world: We are more connected than ever and yet some have never felt more isolated. The benefits of technology are often coupled with negative effects, and it is the duty of tech companies to reduce such effects by focussing their efforts on creating a truly connective and inspiring world. StuComm is doing just that on campus.

The ability to access our social lives via a screen means we are no longer obliged to leave our homes to seek out human contact. There are more and more stories of teenagers video-calling friends who live just down the street instead of physically meeting up (although this is somewhat understandable in countries with a severe weather disadvantage, such as Scotland).

At StuComm, we want to connect not only the campus but the students, too. We create streamlined flows of information that engage and inspire students, creating a veritable community. Considering 89% of our customers say we have had a very positive effect on student satisfaction ratings, one could say StuComm are campus community builders. Our StudentsApp facilitates connection, engagement and happiness on campus, meaning our customers’ students have the best possible advantage to enjoy everything university offers, including a thousand, ten-thousand or fifty-thousand-strong community.

We keep them updated about every change or update to their schedule meaning they’re never in the dark; our push notifications alert them to their results at the same time so no-one is left behind; our events page tells them exactly what’s happening on campus and they can register for said events fluidly without having to leave the app. Feedback surveys are another feature and so it has never been simpler for students to give their opinion about their experience and, importantly, be heard. Real change can be done when data is not just collected but also processed. StuComm makes all of this possible.

Our StudentsApp allows for a student body with equal opportunity, unrivalled accessibility and phenomenal engagement. Rather than being an excuse for students to stay in bed, StuComm gives them more reasons to be on campus than ever before.

Future Development

As a company that is always looking to develop and upgrade what we offer, we never stop exploring the possibilities and benefits our products can have on the student experience. Student unions are a core part of this experience in the UK yet engagement is dropping every year. We envision a future students deserve which is easy access to all the marvellous opportunities university can offer, including involvement in the Student Union. Due to this, our scope includes building a voting feature into our StudentsApp by which students can cast their vote in Union elections. Such ease would massively enable every student on campus to have a say in the future of their university’s politics.

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