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Why do we study? Not just to learn something or to enjoy the most beautiful time of our lives. We also study to eventually find our dream job. Over the past years educational institutions and businesses have come closer together. They have been working together on various projects, guest lectures are provided by business, and businesses are actively recruiting young talent. Not surprisingly, because both students and businesses have the need for it.

Students are continuously thinking about their future. Social pressure and financial instability cause students to approach business sooner. The way educational institutions provide contact with businesses even plays a part in the choice of students for an educational institution. There are many opportunities to support students with these challenges.  

The bridge between students and business

Educational institutions have many connections with businesses. Lecturers are often still part of businesses, which can be valuable for students. As an educational institution, you have the ability to build the bridge between them. What can you do specifically? Educational institutions often offer courses and events on how to apply for a job and how to build a resume. Also, educational institutions can support students by sharing internships, part-time jobs and starter jobs. StuComm wants to help.

Talent feature

The StuCommApp offers educational institutions the ability to offer students internships, part-time jobs, starter jobs, and events. Based on their career profile, the app shows five internships, part-time jobs and starter jobs, that match their needs. Do you want to enable your students to find an internship, part-time job or starter job? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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