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Being an intern at StuComm: “You’re really part of the team”

Every day, our team works with a lot of enthusiasm to deliver the best product. Two of our team members are Reno Meijer and Jamie Kalloe, and because they are still students themselves, they know like no other what students want. 

Reno and Jamie are both third-year Computer Science students at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Even though they follow the same course, their role within StuComm is completely different. Reno works on our new client portal, while Jaime works on the Android apps. 

The first contact

“I’ve made an app for students at University of Applied Sciences Leiden and was approached by Ronald with the questions if I would like to meet up one time. I was still looking for a placement, and StuComm looked like a great company to intern at.” Jamie can use his interest in apps for education very well at StuComm and his placement gives him the chance to have a positive impact on even more students’ lives than he already did with his own app.

Reno got in contact with StuComm in a completely different way. Another, former intern, gave a presentation about his placement at StuComm at University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Reno got really excited about StuComm after hearing the presentation, and decided that this was the company he wanted to intern with as well. Not long after, he managed to obtain a spot. 

Help solving a recognisable problem

Since Reno and Jamie are students themselves, they know the frustrations of students like no other. That’s why they like working on the StudentsApp so much; they solve the problems they themselves and their friends experience at times. 

“I have my own frustrations about my course at times. To help develop a solution to these frustrations is therefore very fun” says Reno about his choice for StuComm. “University of Applied Sciences Leiden is also a customer of StuComm and it is super cool to be able to work on that app. I’ve already told multiple people that this app is being developed and how useful it is” according to Jamie. 

That fact that the StudentsApp is being used by so many students from different educational institutions, is a very cool aspect of their internship. Both guys realise that they help to put a smile on the faces of thousands of students every day. 

Valued member of the team

Reno and Jamie are both happy that they really are part of the team and that they are given a lot of responsibility. “You hear stories about interns who don’t really work with the team but instead work on different side projects that are never used later on. I’m very happy that this isn’t the case at StuComm and that we are developing some real cool and innovative features” says Jamie about his tasks and the appreciation he gets. 

Reno fully agrees with Jamie “Since we’re really part of the team and have our own tasks and therewith responsibilities, I learn a lot about how it is to work in an actual company. This might even be more valuable than learning more about developing”. 

The right choice

The informal working environment, the fun at the office, and the exchange of knowledge within the team, for example the “tech lunches” that are held regularly, all ensure that Reno and Jamie come to their placement with a smile on their face. Neither of them regrets choosing to intern at StuComm and they would love to continu their work after their internship is over. 

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