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Attendance registration is still a problem for both students and lecturers. It is a necessary administrative task that takes valuable time from lectures. The endless paper trails and signatures, both real and fake, are still causing educational institutions headaches. Reason for us to change that.

At StuComm we thought about a solution that requires the minimum amount of time, simplifies the administrative tasks, and minimizes the chance of fraude. This is how we have developed an attendance registration feature in our StuCommApp. By using beacons, registration only takes seconds which results in saving valuable time and effort.

Beacons technology

Beacons are small devices that use Bluetooth technology. Using this technology, a signal is sent to smartphones. Every beacons sends a specific signal to the smartphone, when the smartphone is in the set location. When the student nears the beacon, he or she can register his or her attendance through the app.

In every room a beacon is placed and installed, so students can only register attendance when they are in the designated room. The StuCommApp contains the timetable of the individual student, through which it knows where the student has to be at what time. Combined with the beacon technology, the student will receive a notification when they are in the right place at the right time, to register their attendance. In the rare occasion a student does forgets his or her smartphone, the lecturer can register the attendance of the student manually.

Optimal attendance registration

With the StuCommApp you have the optimal attendance registration. Less time lost, less administrative efforts, less chance at fraud: more ease. Want to know more about the possibilities for your educational institution? Contact us!

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