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Accessible data by connecting with systems

One of the biggest frustrations of students is that the information provision by their educational institution is unclear and scattered over different systems. Moreover they have to login to each of these systems every time they want to use it. On the other hand, universities struggle with informing their students properly. In this blog we will go deeper into how we solve these problems with our StudentsApp and show how this app is perceived by students.

Experts in connecting with systems 

At StuComm we can connect with different systems, and until now we haven’t found one that we weren’t able to connect with. Having plenty of experience with making these connections, we know how it should be done and can do it fast. With 13 customers, we have seen about all systems that are available on the Dutch market and know how to link with all of them.

When we connect to systems such as Osiris, Iris, Blackboard, or Peoplesoft, we combine the data from the different systems to our own environment. All data is then synchronized and sent as an uniform data stream to our apps. This enables students to see all their relevant information in one place, making it easier for you, the educational institution, to keep them informed.

We understand that no educational institution and its use of systems is the same. Therefore we will have a look, together with your technical team, to see which way is the best to make the connection. Whether it is by using API’s, databases, CSV-files or webservices, together we will ensure that the connection is made. When connecting to the systems, we only see and access the information that is needed for the app to function well and connect to the part of your database that we were given access too. Therefore the security of your student’s information is not compromised. Moreover we do not save any data that does not need to be saved, keeping the laws and regulations regarding privacy in mind at all time.

Access to all information while only logging in once 

Students can login to the StudentsApp using the same login they normally use to login to their educational institution’s systems. No need for them to remember even more usernames and passwords. The login environment will also feel familiar to the students, since all apps have a branded design.

Students will only need to login once; when they use the app for the first time. After this login a secret key is shared between the backend and the student’s device, which is used every time the student uses the StudentsApp. This secret key is renewed periodically, since it expires after a certain time (the user doesn’t notice this). This makes it very hard to hack the app, while still being extremely user friendly.

Other benefits of the StudentsApp for the student 

Alongside the benefit of only logging in once, StuComm’s StudentsApp offers many more benefits for the students. The app can be used without internet, since the data is cached regularly. So even when losing connection for a while, students will be able to check their study related information.

In the app students can find all sorts of information, such as their schedule, grades, study progress, and news. Moreover they can receive push notifications about several subjects, such as lecturer absence or the opening of course enrolment. The StudentsApp also offers gamification elements, making it not only practical but also fun.

Currently about 125,000 students from 13 different institutions use the app on a daily base, and all of them are extremely satisfied with the app. Inholland even scored higher on this year’s National Student Survey, partially because of the MyInholland app.

Get in contact with us! 

Curious about the different systems we connect with and how we can help you to better inform your students? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

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